this is Ed.

he thinks its funny how people are afraid of the snow. they spend so much time talking about it.. fearing it, planning it, then spinning their cars around in it trying to get somewhere they prolly don't have to be, rather than taking the break from life they certainly do need, which nature has tried to provide with each of its storms as a please.. but no, society wants to work work work for the next day. take a break and you'll fall astray.

what do you say to a man who gave it all away?

i said i need to remember his name.

he asked if i knew the famous Mister Ed, which i did, as it was one of my most favorite shows when i was very young, so to his surprise i delighted his eye and maybe heart felt warmth all opened wide when i started to sing the themed memory for which he was referring to then ring in my mind to recall this kind moment to be told and maybe unfold others snow covered blinds.