no more scars no more scares

living dream

all is dead that you dread

dont pretend its beauty
dont feed on what you're fed

kill it all if thats your will

dont hold your self on your shelf to ridicule and consider a fool
collecting dust is not how you must live and give to share your ware

never will you fall
gravity lost its only call

all light bends before you
the sky kneels to be near you
the moon pulls towards you
the sun warms with your eyes
the sun warms your heart first
the seas stretch forever if ever to quench your thirst
no one will hear unless you speak

when you know is when others grow.
life waits for you. in all worlds. what you've been through; what you do.

time is a dime in the street for you to meet (and keep, when you find) now relax, unwind.

bruises that beseech will peel to reveal a ripened peach.